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Restaurant In Columbus – Yabos

Did your 2017 Valentine’s Day rock or suck? Did you go to some fancy restaurant in downtown Columbus, and have a fantastic meal full of comedic laughter with your love? Did you hope in vain that someone would ask you to go on even a drive thru restaurant date while wondering why there aren’t limited edition Valentine chicken rings in the shape of hearts? (allowed?) Did you just try to play Pokemon GO and put all of your heart into the event instead of dealing with your deep rooted relationship issues? Whatever you did this year, make sure your next February 14th is gonna rock! We’re about to get all philosophical with you. Yep, an awesome taco restaurant in Columbus, Ohio is about to bring you some post Valentine’s Day wisdom.

VOTE ‘Yabos’ in Alive’s Best of Columbus!!


VOTE:  Best Burrito – Best Tacos – Best Quick Lunch – Best Cheap Eats !!

Everyone knows that one guy who always says, “Voting doesn’t matter,” right? It feels like you don’t hear much from him these days.

At Columbus Alive, they know that voting does matter, whether it’s in local and national elections, or, more importantly, in their 2017 Best of Columbus poll.

As always, they’re asking you to weigh in on your favorite places to eat, drink, relax, see concerts, browse art and much, much more. Choose from any of the nominees, or write in your own suggestion.

Voting is open at the link below through March 2, and winners will be announced in Columbus Alive’s March 30 issue.

Thanks for Voting ‘Yabos’!

Nominations:  3)  Best Burrito   4) Best Tacos   34) Best Quick Lunch   35)  Best …

Visit your nearest Yabo’s Taco


7097 State Rt. 3
Westerville, OH 43082

Upper Arlington

3051 Northwest Blvd
Upper Arlington, OH 43221


4046 W Powell Rd
Powell, OH 43065