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Restaurant In Columbus – Yabos

Did your 2017 Valentine’s Day rock or suck? Did you go to some fancy restaurant in downtown Columbus, and have a fantastic meal full of comedic laughter with your love? Did you hope in vain that someone would ask you to go on even a drive thru restaurant date while wondering why there aren’t limited edition Valentine chicken rings in the shape of hearts? (allowed?) Did you just try to play Pokemon GO and put all of your heart into the event instead of dealing with your deep rooted relationship issues? Whatever you did this year, make sure your next February 14th is gonna rock! We’re about to get all philosophical with you. Yep, an awesome taco restaurant in Columbus, Ohio is about to bring you some post Valentine’s Day wisdom.

valentines day yabos

The day we’ve set aside to celebrate love often reveals to us more about the ones we love than the other 364 days of the year. Oh, it’s a greeting card holiday? Who cares! When was the last time you sent a heartfelt greeting card anyway, loser? Out of all the Christmas cards you may or may not have gotten last year, how many of them really made you feel happy to receive them? Cards and written letters may be old school, but there’s a reason they’re still around: it’s much nicer to get something handwritten and heartfelt every once in awhile than just a text.

Your grandma might not understand understand email, but she understands that. Just because some people are bad at cards doesn’t mean you have to be. Take a hint from your grandma, because she knows all the secrets. If you still don’t like that it’s a greeting card holiday, but you want to celebrate love anyway, then go all in on the anti-valentine’s day mode and celebrate your way and just laugh at all the lame smoochy couples who will be together for the next approximately 23 hours, who think simply having a Valentine means that they are truly loved and validated. Comedic relief is a thing, and it works.

At Yabo’s, we celebrate love all year long. We even have a part of our website devoted to our Lovers. Check it out here (, and we won’t even judge you if you come in totally wanting Yabo’s Tacos to get over your Valentine’s day experience. Tacos never let you down, and ours might even bring you up, because our service is on point, so we will never let you go feeling let down. Perhaps you’ll even meet your next love at Yabo’s, and wouldn’t that just be more ironic than Alanis Morissette. Yeah, we went there. Also, you should come here.